Attention-grabbing target group approach with postal marketing

Premium addresses with selection options for your campaign goals

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Are you looking for a large volume of precisely matching address data for successful new customer acquisition by means of postal advertising?

Of course, such data needs to be legally compliant.

Should the target group definition be as differentiated and suitable as possible for your marketing goals?

And should the address database also be easily accessible and cause as few returns as possible?

We can help you with this: with our premium addresses for successful new customer acquisition.

Postal campaign tailored to the target group

ARUMedia offers you high-quality addresses with permission in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for your target group-specific postal campaign.

We develop an ideal campaign in close cooperation with you. Based on our many years of dialogue marketing experience, we can assess how best to select your target group. And how to approach them. Even difficult and top target groups can be defined thanks to numerous and exclusive selection and additional features.

Whether for a one-off mailshot or a multi-stage target group approach, we support you in your advertising campaign.

Benefit from our know-how and data quality!

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The ARU address database

Our address database offers you postal addresses in the tens of millions generated by our premium network.

Premium addresses through modern technology

Our aim is to offer you the best possible data quality. It is therefore important that the address data you use through us is characterised by highly reachability and produces as few returns as possible. We ensure this with state-of-the-art matching processes which we implement automatically in our self-developed ARU engine: The use of real-time filters, blacklists, data validations and the like guarantees premium address quality for you.
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Complete address service from a single source

With us you get all the address services that are necessary for your campaign to be successful.
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Advice on all matters of postal marketing

To ensure that your direct marketing campaign is a complete success, we advise you on all aspects of address marketing.

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Which channel can be better suited for dialogue marketing than the telephone? In the dialogue you will meet your potential customers directly and find out at first hand what the sales opportunities are.

Benefit from more than twenty years of know-how in lead generation by telephone and entrust us with the entire process – from contact collection and campaign management to personal contact and data management.

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performance marketing

Go with ARUMedia performance marketing campaigns that reach your target groups with the right approach. The basis for your success is the reach we can offer you in our premium network:

We work together with 65 publishers, through whom we can place your advertising precisely on more than 1,500 partner sites. And all this with fair, performance-based billing that matches your campaign and marketing goals.

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