Premium lead generation for more sales

Your challenges

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High-quality leads at fair prices

Do you quickly need high-quality leads that match your ideal customer profile?
Do they obviously need to have been generated in a legally compliant manner under the current GDPR rules? And of course: Do you want to use your media budget as efficiently and intelligently as possible?
We can help you with this: with our premium lead generation for more sales.

Our solution

ARUMedia: premium lead generation

ARUMedia enables you to run performance marketing campaigns that reach your target groups with the right approach.

The basis for your success is the reach we can offer you in our premium network: We work together with 65 publishers, through whom we can place your advertising precisely on more than 1,500 partner sites.

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Reasons for your campaign success

ARUMedia ensures that you achieve your goals:
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1. Optimal use of your media budget

To achieve the highest possible ROI on your media budget, it is particularly important to minimise wastage. We analyse and define your target group as precisely as possible. This enables us to achieve a high reach for your advertising. But only for online users who actually match your advertising goals.
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2. Marketing messages optimised for conversion

Reaching as many interested parties as possible with your ad is only half the battle. After all, you want these potential customers to react to your advertising and to identify themselves. For this to succeed, we develop a needs-oriented target group approach. The basis for advertising messages that are effective in performance marketing: They build trust with the recipient and remove barriers when contact is made.
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3. Learning campaign for best possible results

Digital marketing offers a huge opportunity to learn in real time from user behaviour in the marketplace. And then only to do what actually works well. As soon as we have the first reliable data from your campaign, we analyse where and how we can achieve particularly good conversion rates. This picture becomes clearer and clearer over time, which is why we consistently optimise your campaign throughout its entire duration.

Customised solutions for your performance marketing

To help you achieve the best possible performance in your marketing, we always offer you the following in our projects:
• Individual advice on and implementation of your campaign
• In the target group definition: extensive selection options    according to age, gender, region, etc.
• Creation of mobile advertising media
• Transparent performance measurement through tracking and reporting
• Increased performance through A/B tests
• Fair, performance-based billing that fits your campaign and marketing objectives (CPC, CPL, CPO or a hybrid)
ARUMedia - own technology
Own technology

Security in handling customer data is mandatory

Data protection rules are becoming stricter and stricter. That must be borne in mind when carrying out legally secure performance marketing. Therefore our approach and handling of the generated customer data naturally comply with the current provisions of the GDPR.
In this way, we ensure that your customer data is protected and securely processed in closed systems. We transmit the data to the advertisers in line with highest security standards. And we anonymise the data used to create the algorithm.


• Maximum security and protection of your customer data in a closed system
• Data is transmitted directly from the order form to the advertiser in accordance with the highest security standards.
• Anonymised data for creating the algorithm.
• Complies with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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Flexibility of the IT system, precise and fast implementation of your offers
• Reliability and professionalism: modern appearance, stable, functioning processes
Detailed reporting, structured and analysable
• Strategy and concept with implementation excellence

Benefits for you of working with ARUMedia

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wide reach

in order to access your prospective customers in the best possible way
Symbol - premium leads

premium leads

at a fair cost
Symbol - detailed reporting

detailed reporting

so you always know what is happening in your campaign
Symbol - legal certainty

legal certainty

according to GDPR regulations
Symbol - professional support

professional support

from target group definition and campaign conception to optimisation and evaluation of your campaign

Contact us

Get in touch with us. We would be delighted to send you more detailed information about our products and services. Would you like an individual offer? Send us a brief message and we will contact you shortly.

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