Premium leads that convert

High-quality contact data for legally secure and successful leadmarketing

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Do you want to approach potential customers directly by premioum leads?

If so, do you need enough contact data to match the profile of your prospective customers as closely as possible?

Of course: should these contacts have given their consent to be called by telephone so that you can approach them legally according to GDPR?

And without doubt, should a high reachability of the contacts be guaranteed?

Use our database service to realise your successful new customer acquisition by premium leads using high-quality contact data.

Target group specific telemarketing campaign

ARUMedia offers you access to high-quality leads in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

You can use hundreds of selection criteria to select this data so that you get exactly the right target group for your campaign – in large quantities and, above all, in a legally compliant way under the GDPR.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the targeted selection of contact data: From our extensive databank, we select the permission addresses with the highest conversion probability for you. Because it is the quality of addresses and earning power of potential customers that determine success, not the response rate. We use telephone number validation to ensure participants are available in advance.

During the campaign, we also help you document the results of the contacts and keep the data up to date. If you also need support in finding a suitable call centre for your campaign, we will be happy to arrange an appropriate one from our network



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The ARU contact database

Our contact database offers you several million leads generated by our premium network as well as many selection features per contact.


Premium leads through modern technology

Our aim is to offer you premium quality leads. Every step from data generation to data delivery must be optimally aligned:


The contact details are generated by online publishers from our premium network. Here we select our data sources with the utmost care and evaluate them from both a quality and performance perspective.

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Legal certainty as the top priority


 You are on the safe side legally when you use our premium leads. You can use our data according to GDPR for your marketing purposes.

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Advice on all leadmarketing issues

Get in touch with us. We would be delighted to send you more detailed information about our products and services. Would you like an individual offer? Send us a brief message and we will contact you shortly.

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performance marketing

Go with ARUMedia performance marketing campaigns that reach your target groups with the right approach. The basis for your success is the reach we can offer you in our premium network:

We work together with 65 publishers, through whom we can place your advertising precisely on more than 1,500 partner sites. And all this with fair, performance-based billing that matches your campaign and marketing goals.

Wir arbeiten mit 65 Publishern zusammen, über die wir Ihre Werbung zielgenau auf mehr als 1.500 Partnerseiten platzieren können. Und das zu einer fairen, leistungsgerechten Abrechnung, die zu Ihrer Kampagne und zu Ihren Marketingzielen passt.


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postal marketing

Whether a one-off mailshot or a multi-stage target group approach, we support you in your advertising campaign with our premium address data.

Our many years of dialogue marketing experience enable us to assess how best to select your target group. And how to approach them. Even difficult and top target groups can be defined thanks to numerous and exclusive selection and additional features.