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Around 100 million people live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ARUMedia finds and selects exactly the ones interested in your products.

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Lead generation

Reach is the key to your success – and we reach 95% of internet users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Moreover, we can bring you together with precisely the people you’re currently interested in.

No matter which product or service you want to generate prospective customers for, we’ll develop the right concept for you and implement it using our technology. In particular, the professional creation and maintenance of a newsletter mailing list with valid and legally correct and secure email addresses is one of the most efficient proven ways to reach new customers.

Quality is King

High-quality consumer data is the cornerstone. To obtain it, we leverage a comprehensive portfolio of complementary services and technologies, tailored to provide the most effective and best-value package for you. Data records that include consumers’ consent to receive advertising can be immediately added to your newsletter mailing list – you’ll quickly see a rapid rise in high-quality subscribers.

We also offer you other channels for obtaining addresses of attractive potential customers:

Co-sponsoring. Build your email database with lightning speed.

Participate in our high-reach lead generation projects as a co-sponsor and you’ll receive particularly responsive data records in return. No matter whether you’re building a new email database from scratch or want to expand your existing one, you reap the benefits with addresses that are high-quality and highly up-to-date. We provide you with clean consumer data in a prepared format ready for you to work with.

Display advertising. Your ‘window display’ in our lead generation projects.

We include your offers in the existing layout of our lead generation projects, thereby generating particularly target-group-specific and product-appropriate customer data. Take advantage of our attractive advertising formats to appeal to a large number of users in your target groups. Your offers will be prominently located to ensure maximum attention.

Telemarketing. Speak to your customers in person.

There’s hardly anything better than speaking one-to-one. By gathering telephone contact details, we provide you with the opportunity to talk to potential customers in person. Legal certainty and exclusivity are paramount in data-gathering; individual contacts are only sold once per industry.

Lead generation with your brand’s look and feel.

If you want, we can also develop and create advertising measures using your brand image to gain new customers and build/expand your database. We’re happy to adopt the approach, design and wording of your corporate identity and take care of the technical implementation of your campaign.