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Around 100 million people live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ARUMedia finds and selects exactly the ones interested in your products.

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Email Marketing

Email is one of the internet’s fastest, most flexible and most cost-effective information channels. Potential customers can reach your website and its products and services with a single click. A click that comes easily when your emails are based on a smart strategical and technological foundation.

Whether you want to send welcome emails, new customer emails or regular newsletters to existing customers, we’ll put together a tailored solution that meets your needs. Reap the benefits of our full-service email marketing package plus our comprehensive newsletter generation and email creation and optimization service.

We’ll analyze your existing advertising materials, leverage unused potential, develop an appropriate email strategy and assess the technical requirements. And we’ll develop email campaigns exactly to your needs and wants and optimize them for seamless display on all commonly used mail clients and mobile devices using state-of-the-art technology.