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ARU Media Affiliate Performance

High quality affiliate marketing at fair prices

Affiliate marketing allows both small and large businesses to increase their brand awareness and boost sales.

By increasing exposure and reach, you succeed in reaching a new target audience who may have never heard of your brand or your products and services before. Take advantage of the added value for you and your customers!

Our goal is to build a sustainable and long-term relationship with high-quality publishers and advertisers. In doing so, we focus on personal support and consulting.

We support all parties involved in the common goal of increasing your company’s sales/profit and thus further expanding your company’s success.

Our solution in affiliate marketing

Your Advantages: 

  • You will receive a success-based online distribution
  • Increase in traffic and sales
  • New customers are directed to your company website
  • You only pay commission if there is a result (turnover or action)
  • We provide you with the technical and financial processing through our affiliate network ARU-Ads
  • We offer transparency and cost control
  • Build long-term partnerships

Benefit from sales management and target group relevant addressing of affiliate partners, based on a risk-free and success-dependent remuneration with a controllable ROI!

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Affiliate Network ARU-Ads

ARUMedia Affiliate Ads

Our ARU Ads affiliate network acts as a technical interface between you as an advertiser or store owner (advertiser) and the selected sales partners (publishers/affiliates).

Dafür stellen wir Ihnen als Affiliate Marketing Agentur unsere unabhängige Internetplattform ARU Ads zur Verfügung.

Hier werden alle nötigen Informationen für die Zusammenarbeit strukturiert bereitgestellt, so dass Sie als Advertiser in keinen persönlichen Kontakt mit den Publishern treten müssen, um eine partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit abzuwickeln.

Diese Aufgabe übernehmen wir gerne für Sie und kümmern uns um die jeweiligen Angelegenheiten beider Vertragsparteien.









ARU Ads – Partnernetwork

arumedia affiliate netzwerk

Affiliate marketing networks are based on the principle of intermediary commission. Commissions are paid out for each sale or measurable success generated by the publisher. The publisher acts as an interface between potential customers and the advertiser.

Technische Grundlage hierfür bilden Affiliate-Links, welche eine spezielle ID enthalten, die den Publisher beim Advertiser eindeutig identifiziert. Klickt ein potentieller Kunde auf einen solchen Link, so wird er auf den entsprechenden Shop oder die Website des Advertisers weitergeleitet. Um diesen Nutzer auch zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt dem ursprünglichen Publisher zuzuordnen zu können. Werden auf der Festplatte des Users sogenannte Cookies gespeichert. Dies ist die meistgenutzte Methode im Affiliate Marketing, um eine Transaktion (auch zu einem späteren, versetzten Zeitraum) und die Auszahlung der Provision an den entsprechenden Publisher zu gewährleisten. 

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Advertiser (Merchant)

You are looking for new customers and have the desire to maximize profits? With affiliate marketing and our know-how, you can generate new customer contacts – and do so highly efficiently. Affiliate marketing is suitable for all industries.

Ob Empfehlungsmarketing, Werbebanner oder Email-Newsletter, wir finden die richtige Lösung für Sie. Dabei ist eine gute Planung das A und O für den erfolgreichen Launch eines Affiliates-Programms. Deshalb bieten wir Ihnen maßgeschneiderte Lösungen zum Erfolg!

Wir finden für Sie aus einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Publisher, die passenden für Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Produkte heraus

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7 reasons why advertisers should use ARU Ads:

  1. Individual consulting and implementation of your campaign
  2. Extensive selection options
        according to age, gender, region, etc.
  3. Creation of mobile optimized advertising material
  4. Transparent measurement of success
    through tracking and reporting
  5. Increased performance through A/B testing
  6. Fast response times
  7. Fair, performance-based billing
    of your campaigns (CPC / CPL / CPO / mixed)

Contact us if you don’t want to miss out on new customers and increasing sales!

Advertising forms for advertisers (advertisers)

  • Display performance partners place the advertising media on high-traffic websites
  • Newsletter partners use their own databases to deliver high-performance e-mail campaigns
  • Bonus / Cashback partners operate Communitis and offer benefits to users for collecting purchases.
  • Content partners operate websites or blogs on various topics (travel, fashion, insurance…)
  • Voucher partners collect end customer benefits (discount codes etc.) and publish them on highly frequented websites
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Publishers offer their advertising space and reach to make Internet users aware of the advertiser’s products and services. For this purpose, content and advertising materials are used from the perspective of affiliate marketing to address potential customers and direct them to the advertisers’ websites.

All models are remunerated via commissions.
The settlement modalities (cpc, cpl, cpo) are defined in advance.

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6 reasons why you should become a publisher with ARU Ads


  1. User-friendly platform – smart and intuitive tech platform, contains many helpful tools
  2. Proven advertising tools
  3. Exclusive partners and campaigns
  4. Customized tracking links – transparency, access to all statistics and full control over your campaigns via dashboard
  5. Reliable and timely payment of commissions
  6. Personal contact persons, who are available to answer all your questions and are also happy to advise you

There are different publisher types:


  • Display and retargeting: publishers take over the placement of product recommendations on their websites with the greatest reach.
  • Referral marketing: on various platforms, users/customers are provided with links with product recommendations, which they can share with their friends via WhatsApp, email or Facebook, Instagram (social media).
  • Newsletter marketing: email publishers send newsletters with product recommendations to their own newsletter distribution lists
  • Content, blogs and forums: publishers run topic-specific websites where they or their visitors describe, compare and rate products
  • Search engine marketing (SEO): Publishers take over the placement of your products and services in Google searches for advertisers.

Customized solutions for your affiliate marketing

To ensure that you achieve the best possible performance in your marketing, we always provide in our projects:

  • Individual consulting and implementation of your campaign
  • When defining the target group: Extensive selection options according to age, gender, region, etc.
  • Creation of mobile advertising media
  • Transparent success measurement through tracking and reporting
  • Increased performance through A/B testing
  • Fair, performance-based billing that fits your campaign and your marketing goals (according to CPC, CPL, CPO or a mixed form)
ARUMedia - own technology

Own Technologie

Security in handling customer data is mandatory

Data protection rules are becoming increasingly strict. This must be taken into account urgently if you want to operate legally compliant performance marketing. Therefore, our approach and our handling of the generated customer data naturally comply with the current provisions of the DSGVO.

In this way, we ensure that your customer data is protected and securely processed in closed systems. We transmit the data to the advertisers according to the highest security standards. And we anonymize the data for the formation of the algorithm.


  • Highest security and protection of your customer data in a closed system
  • Data is transferred directly from the order form to the advertiser according to the highest security standards
  • Anonymized data for the creation of the algorithm
  • Complies with the new Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO)
Icon closed loop system


  • Flexibility of the IT system, precise and fast implementation of your offers.
  • Seriousness and professionalism: modern look, stable, functioning processes
  • Detailed reporting, structured and evaluable
  • Strategy and concept with implementation excellence

Your advantages when working with ARUMedia

Symbol - detailed reporting

wide reach

to reach your prospects in the best possible way

Symbol - premium leads

premium leads

fair costs

Symbol - detailed reporting

detailed reporting

so that you always know what is happening in your campaign

Symbol - legal certainty

legal certainty

according to the DSGVO

Symbol - professional support

professional support

from target group definition and campaign conception to optimization and evaluation of your campaign

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